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跟我走吧 (Come With Me) NUFU2R

New song ‘Let’s Run Away’ 跟我走吧

This song is a reaction to many of our friends getting lost in the virtual world or dramas with their devices. It is a collaboration with 刘娜 Liu Na . “Follow your heart and Come With Me, Let’s go back to the real you, together!” This song was a real challenge as it was a...

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Yeah Yeah album cover

Our new Hip hop inspired song, ‘耶 Yeah’

Our first track with some hip hop elements is available now on QQ Music, Netease, and Douyin, co written with Chinese rapper Mila Baby. This song is for those days when you know your worth, feel good, confident, beautiful, and everyone can see you shine. You can’t help but shout out a “Yeah!”! We put...

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sisters cover art

New song release: Our version of the classic 姐妹 (Sisters) by Amei

We’ve got another new song for you! This time, its our own version of one of our favourites 姐妹 (Sisters) by Zhang Huimei! Girls have done a lot for the development of China. Sisters, let us support each other and unite together!  This song expresses our feelings for each other, and love for our Chinese...

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Into the Future song cover art from NUFU2R

Our first original song release: 爱未来 (Into The Future)

We’re super excited to release our first original song, called 爱未来 (Into The Future) Check it out on our music page, cool videos coming soon! With our first original song, NUFU2R is trying to take our love for China as well as cool, modern style music to create music that is moving forward, so wanted our...

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